The Professional School Counselor 

"School achievementgrade point average and the rigor of courses takenhas been the single most important factor in college admissions since the College Board began tracking this information in the early 1980s." (College Board, 2009, 2-1). 


Academic websites:
Here you will find resources that offer important information
and support that you may find useful to help you academically.
Study guides and strategies for students as
well as applications for time management. 
Access test taking tips and strategies, ways to reduce test
anxiety and other skills needed for studying note taking. 
This site provides information for parents and guardians as well. 
Hundreds of free educational games, movies,
and learning activities for children. 
Provides fun activities and comics for students
while learning math and reading skills.
A place where students can practice all kinds of math in a fun
and pressure free way, designed by teachers specifically for students. (Reading Is Fundamental)
The largest children's literacy nonprofit organization in the
United States, prepares and motivates children to read by
delivering free books and literacy resources to families in need. 
The international reading association promotes high levels of
literacy for all by continuously advancing the quality of literacy
instruction and research worldwide.
(Kids As Self Advocates)
This website promotes self advocacy for youth. Created by
youth with disabilities, it encourages teens and young adults
with disabilities to speak out. 
Here you will find quizzes, activitites, and exercises to
help you learn english as a second language (ESL).
A not-for-profit organization that has one main goal- to provide a
world class education to anyone/anywhere.  You can watch videos,
do exercises, as well as navigate through to find hundreds of video
links to education.

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Page created by Lisa Silverman, School Counseling Intern/Graduate student of the Counselor Education program at Lehman College