The Professional School Counselor 

"It is particularly important for middle and high school educators to understand that family and community involvement is not extra, separate, or different from the “real work” of a school but is integral to and essential for improving the quality of a school’s program and student success.” (Epstein, 2010).


Parent/Guardian websites:
This page offers useful resources for parents and guardians. 
Be active participants in your child's education!  
A parent-child home based program, preparing children
for academic success and strengthening families through
intensive home visiting.  
Meeting pressing community needs by mobilizing
caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.
Services to help you learn to read, improve your reading
skills, get your GED certificate, or learn English.
Teaching children and adults skills in conflict resolution and
intercultural understanding and promoting critical thinking,
social awareness, and action in the classroom and beyond.  
Just Think methodology incorporates the student, the
family and the community.  Parents can play a vital role
in the media lives of their families. 
Provides information about learning disabilities, with a glossary
of terms, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

At great schools you can research schools, in an
attempt to choose the best school for your child.
This site provides parents/caregivers with free, easily
accessible sources of information and education related
to relevant teenage issues, including parenting workshops.
Offers information for parents and guardians about children
with learning disabilities.  Provides workshops and other
resources to help families make decisions about education 
and other services for their children. 
National Parent Teachers Association offers information for
parents on programs and advocacy to help children achieve.

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Page created by Lisa Silverman, School Counseling Intern/Graduate student of the Counselor Education program at Lehman College